AirSwap: Decentralised Trading for Cryptoassets


AirSwap, a decentralised global marketplace for Ethereum tokens (ERC20), launched its peer-to-peer platform on April 25th, and saw $1 million worth of trades made over the platform within the first 24 hours.

AirSwap is a blockchain-based search engine that comprises a bulletin board that uses software known as smart contracts to facilitate direct, peer-to-peer trading of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

In 2017, AirSwap developed and released its core technology followed by a $36 million token sale using the platform, led by co-founders Don Mosites and Michael Oved, an algo trader previously at Virtu Financial. Advisors to AirSwap include veteran investor Michael Novogratz, venture capitalist Bill Tai, and co-founder of Ethereum, Joe Lubin.

“The team has delivered on every milestone in their roadmap since announcing it last year. AirSwap is forming a key foundational component in the blockchain ecosystem and I am excited to see this project come to fruition as we have been working closely to bring the vision to life for many months,” said Lubin.

With a core mission of decentralising trade on a global scale, AirSwap opened its marketplace in eight languages, with a substantial partner network and now provides liquidity support for 60+ tokens, seamless integration with popular wallets MetaMask, Ledger, and Trezor. As part of the rollout, AirSwap enables a unique trading “widget” tool to allow third-party applications direct distribution to user communities and provides peer-to-peer liquidity without relying on centralised exchanges or other intermediaries, which the founders say lacks adequate transparency, security and regulation.

“With the marketplace launch, we’re laying the foundation for decentralised trade. Apps and websites can easily integrate with AirSwap and provide their users a quick and secure way to trade tokens,” said Mosites. “We’re removing a key challenge many projects in the ecosystem face and empowering those teams to focus on what they do best.”

AirSwap’s search engine platform is compatible with any Ethereum-enabled browser on desktop or mobile and supports the ERC20 standard – making trading fluid across devices. A facilitator of token discovery and trading, AirSwap leverages the blockchain and smart contracts to create a frictionless, no-fee marketplace allowing for direct peer-to-peer trading.

“Imagine a future where the mixture of institutionalised financial instruments catches up to the advances made in digital commerce, smart contracts and cryptofinance,” said Sam Tabar, strategy at AirSwap. “Using blockchain technology puts power directly into the hands of consumers, shifting a traditionally centralised system into a decentralised reality.”


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