P&L’s “On The Block”: Guarding Your “Digital Gold”

Date: June 27th

Venue: Princeton Club of New York, 15 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036

One of the big factors keeping much of the institutional money away from the crypto space is the lack of trusted, safe, fully insured, fully audited custody solutions for storing their crypto assets.

But what do the custody options currently available for market participants look like, and, as the industry works feverishly to improve the custody options available, what sort of questions should firms be asking service providers?

This panel will also discuss:

  • Are crypto-exchanges effectively a “honey pot” for potential hackers?
  • Is self-custody a dream or a danger?
  • The varying temperatures of “cold” storage
  • Will custody challenges drive institutional players towards the derivatives markets?
  • How to balance the safety and accessibility of cryptoassets



4.30-4.45pm Registration

4.45-5.15pm Introduction

5.15-6.00pm Panel Discussion

6.00-6.30pm Audience Q&A

6.30-7.30pm Drinks Reception


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