Does the Crypto Price Plummet Tell the Whole Story?

“Looking for Liquidity” is taking place at The Princeton Club of New York, December 4th, 4.30-7.30pm. Open to investors and trading firms only, to RSVP email

At the start of 2018, the total market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies was above $828 billion, with many predicting that it would only rise further. Now, that market capitalisation is below $130 billion and continues to fall. Meanwhile, the price of bitcoin is down to $3,688, a 42% month-on-month drop and 65% year-on-year.

But does the price action of cryptos tell the whole story in this space right now? And what are the implications of this bear market on liquidity?

After all, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and Nasdaq both plan to launch new crypto trading platforms next year, while Fidelity is also set to launch an asset custody service in 2019. Trading volumes on the CME and CBOE bitcoin futures have ticked up even as (because?) the market price has trended down and there are still ETF proposals sitting on US regulators’ desks that could still be approved.

Could it be that even as retail liquidity is drying up, more institutional liquidity is edging closer?

These are among the key questions that will be addressed at the upcoming OnTheBlock event, “Looking for Liquidity” taking place on December 4th at the Princeton Club of New York. This event, which is open only to investors and trading firms and is sponsored by Genesis Trading, will begin with a fireside chat featuring Daniel Gorfine, Chief Innovation Officer and Director of LabCFTC, who will provide a unique insight into how the US regulator is approaching the crypto space.

This will be followed by a panel discussion featuring crypto-experts that are active in the markets today on the evolving nature of liquidity within the crypto space and then an audience-led Q&A session:

Moderator: Galen Stops, Editor, Profit & Loss


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